Getting Around London

London, UK is a wonderful place to travel. If one travels to London, via British Airways, you will most likely come into the newest terminal, which is Terminal 5. The newest and largest terminal, it is able to handle 30 million passengers a year.

When one is leaving the airport, there are a few choices for how to get into London. One can take an aero bus or taxi to their hotel. Each of these has pros and cons. When taking the bus, one has to allow for the many stops along the way to their particular destination, so if there is a need to get to the hotel quickly, a taxi might be the better option. A taxi will be able to get you directly to your destination without making further stops along the way, but may cost slightly more than the bus.

Once a person is in London, transportation is easy. Walking around London is a very enjoyable experience, and enables a person to take in many sights that may not be seen while riding in a vehicle. Walking is also a healthy a relaxing way to get around London. Walking is made easier by the fact that on many of London's roads it tells you whether to "Look Left" or "Look Right" so you know which direction to look for traffic.

Bicycling is very popular as well, with its health benefits as well as being great for the environment. Many shops and businesses provide parking specifically for bicyclers. There are many places to rent bicycles if necessary, as well as maps showing the bicycle routes around London.

One may choose to ride the subway, or The Tube as Londoners call it. The Tube allows for a person to get nearly anywhere in London, from Buckingham Palace to The Tower of London. If the thought of riding underground isn't right for you, there are also aboveground trains that will transport you through town. Many sights and attractions are easily accessible using both the underground and aboveground trains.

Taking the bus is another viable option for traveling around London. One may either purchase an Oyster card, or buy a ticket from the roadside machines located near the bus stations. The buses are comfortable and allow you to sit back and enjoy the ride.