Shopping in London

London shoppers can take advantage of the Westfield London Shopping Center. Westfield shopping centers are well renowned all over the globe for offering shoppers the ultimate shopping mall experience. The Westfield London center is currently based in the west portion of London in the neighborhood of Shepherd's Bush.

London also boasts a second Westfield shopping center that is known as the Westfield Stratford City. This particular Westfield Mall is an extremely popular destination for shoppers because it is located within close proximity of the London 2012 Olympic Park. Easily found in Strafford in the East London area shoppers can take advantage of having access to more than 250 shops all in one location. The Westfield Stratford City is currently the largest shopping mall in all of Europe. East London residents as well as tourists are enjoying a lifestyle that offers the best in world-class shopping and leisure facilities as well as an endless selection shopping venues that have items for any shopper's taste.

Shoppers that prefer to indulge themselves in rare vintage fashion can enjoy the experience of visiting Beyond Retro. This vintage store was actually created from a warehouse that is located in Cheshire Street. Currently this unique shop showcases more than 10,000 items from past decades. Shoppers can find one-of-a-kind vintage items that were created from the 1940s all the way up to modern-day pieces. This location is extremely popular among fashion students that are looking for a great bargain without sacrificing a unique style and flair.

Radio Days is the perfect place for shoppers that want to find a true treasure during their shopping experience. Located near the Waterloo station, Radio Days is the perfect place for vintage addicts that are looking for quirky items from past decades. The store's extremely popular among costume designers that are looking for vintage gifts and unforgettable items for special occasions.

Rokit is a great place for consumers that are in the market for alternatives fashion as well as party wear with a vintage feel. This shop carries unique novelty hats and lace gloves that are hard to find in London. Oxfam Boutique is known as being the perfect shop for consumers that take sustainable fashion seriously. This one-of-a-kind boutique showcases a unique collection that offers consumers the chance to invest in previously owned clothing in excellent condition. Consumers can also feel that their money goes further because the boutique uses a portion of its profits to help fight poverty across the globe.